Care Point team pictures at North Tyneside General Hospital

Care Point Team supports and protects residents

Nestled in North Tyneside General Hospital you’ll find the specialist Care Point Team who work every day to support residents with health needs to ensure they’re safe, supported and independent.

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North Tyneside Council and NHS working as one team

If you’ve ever been discharged from hospital, you may have met some of the team, who support residents to leave hospital as quickly and safely as possible to help them get back into their own homes, or the community.

Made up of North Tyneside Council and NHS employees, the multidisciplinary team includes nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, community wellbeing officers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, reablement, administrative staff and more who work in North Tyneside General Hospital.

They work together to get the best possible outcomes for patients and service users, whether that’s support to prevent hospital admission or helping people access rehab in the community and their home, they are committed to keeping everyone safe and protected.

While some of the team work on hospital wards, others are out in the community visiting residents’ homes and their hard work never stops.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the service and its colleagues were resilient and adapted to the new healthcare landscape.

Team members continued to work on hospital wards, provide reablement in residents homes and went into the hospital and the community every day to make sure the service was still running for those who needed it.

As the health and social care sector continues to experience increased pressures, the enthusiasm of the team hasn’t faltered as they continue to adapt quickly with the patients’ best interests at the heart of what they do.

One social worker based on the team expressed how rewarding she finds her role as she sees people on the ward and supporting them through the process back into their home and beyond.

By working in a team with healthcare professionals like nurses, therapists and doctors, the team simplify the process for patients by being a reoccurring, friendly face there offering support.

Referrals to the team come from GPs, hospitals and residents’ families.