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Supporting Care Workers

Investing in our workforce

North Tyneside Council and its providers are always looking for innovative ways to train, develop and retain our workforce. We continually invest in different campaigns, programmes and initiatives that support our colleagues to develop and thrive within the environment in which they work.

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Developing our workforce

We strive to have an ambitious adult social care workforce in North Tyneside with the right values and behaviours to work creatively, using a strength-based approach to meet the needs of North Tyneside residents and enable us to:

  • prevent or reduce the need for long-term care and to maximise independence
  • provide the right support, in the right place, at the right time
  • promote safety, inclusion, and equity
  • have a sustainable and skilled workforce
  • create resilient and caring communities

We strongly believe that our colleagues are our greatest asset, and we need to ensure we have everything in place that will support them to succeed both within their current job and potential roles within the future.

A skilled workforce

All jobs in social care require great skill. A strengths-based approach needs workers to:

  • Be creative, hopeful and ambitious
  • Have the courage to take positive risks
  • Motivate people towards change
  • Challenge their own thinking
  • Challenge others’ thinking

This may be complex at times, but our staff are not alone, we offer many opportunities for learning and development, and support our staff to manage the demands of challenging work.

An excellent workforce

The Adult Social Care Practice Standards outline what we believe excellent practice looks like. There are 10 commitments to our residents, centred around four key themes:

Getting to know you

1. We build relationships based on trust and respect.

2. We build on people’s strengths to achieve their goals.

3. We value diversity and difference, and challenge injustice.

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Putting you in the driving seat

4. We provide high quality, tailored information and advice.

5. We recognise adults as experts in their own lives.

6. We support adults to remain safe, while promoting their independence.

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Support to stay safe and well

7. We provide proportionate, personalised support: in the right place, at the right time.

8. We ensure that everyone is protected from abuse and neglect.

Working together

9. We work together in everything we do: with individuals, families, community groups, and other professionals.

10. We take a ‘whole family’ approach: supporting carers to live the life they want.